Living Stones Discipleship is Taking Root

Living Stones Discipleship intern serving at a local pregnancy crisis center.Here at Respond to Christ, our focus is on implementing and strengthening discipleship practices.  To put that into action we run both Spanish and English focused outreaches.  While our Spanish focused ministries (Piedras Vivas, Familia Para Cristo, Paso Adelante) mostly work alongside the local church and communities in the implementation of discipleship practices, our English focused ministry is completely different.

Living Stones Discipleship (visit is our missions-based discipleship outreach (or it could be more accurately defined as a training ground) that involves English-speaking young adults (ages 18 and older) coming down to the Dominican Republic for an extended discipleship session (usually three months).  

During their Living Stones session, student interns engage in the three key areas:

  1. Bible Study – Interns spend countless hours learning and sharpening personal, inductive Bible study skills. When removed from the distractions of home, our students have more time to devote to studying and observing God’s Word and prayerfully seeking real ways to implement and apply it to their lives.  We then provide them with opportunities to go out and utilize those new Bible study methods with others in group studies.
  2. Missions Service & Learning  – Each week during their session interns are assigned a local ministry (from one of several of our partner ministries). While there, they serve the missionaries and staff with any particular needs of the ministry. While they serve, they are given the opportunity to observe and learn about the ministry’s mission and purpose.  This gives them a broad perspective of the missionary community here in the D.R. and the various methods and ways others are responding to the Lord in faithful service.
  3. Cross Cultural Exchange – Stepping away from their own backyard to another nation (the Dominican Republic in this case) allows our interns to be challenged to view and observe how others live in a different culture. It also helps our interns learn how the gospel of Jesus Christ exists trans-culturally (the gospel is consistent and true regardless of any cultural differences that exist). Through interactions with local Dominicans and Haitians, our interns learn how people can have differences yet see and experience the love and light of Christ in rich and new ways.

2014 Living Stones Discipleship

In May, we welcomed our first Living Stones Discipleship intern of the year, Lily Sanchez.  Lily’s purpose for attending Living Stones stems from her family’s heritage. Born in the United States to Dominican parents, Lily felt the Lord calling her to return to her family’s nation to share her love of the Lord with those of the same background.  But she also identified a desire to learn how to better implement and apply her personal Bible study to her life. Through Living Stones, she’s getting to accomplish both goals (and more).

Later in the summer we will welcome another student for an abbreviated session, leading up to our fall Living Stones session (which is still open to apply) when we have one student coming to participate in a year-long Living Stones internship.

It’s great seeing Living Stones start to receive several student interns. That means more young adults are experiencing an extended time of personal, spiritual growth while preparing for a future ready to share the gospel and serve wherever the Lord calls them.

For more information on Living Stones Discipleship, please visit  We are accepting applications until July 31 for our Fall 2014 Living Stones session.


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