4 Cosas

These four items (not the rubber band though) have been vital in the first few weeks of life here.


  1. The Bible 
    The one thing to get me through everything. I love that each morning at school we start with a staff devotional, where we each get the opportunity to share what the Lord is working in us. The sword and rock!!
  2. The Dictionary
    This and Google Translate have been a life saver for me. I carry this little dictionary everywhere and just ask for patience with those who I’m trying to speak with. I’ve come to find out though that those in the D.R.  sometimes use different words, but people still get the idea and appreciate that I’m trying to learn.  Spanish lessons with one of our bilingual teachers (Johan) are coming soon and I’m praying our proficiency takes off. We shall see.
  3. The Water Bottle (with duct tape and CalvaryChatt logo)
    An essential item to have on me at all times. I have drank more water in the last four weeks than I think I have in the last four years. And I usually sweat it all out by the end of each day. (sorry…gross, I know, but it’s the truth)  Since I’ve taken this photo, I’ve already used up all the duct tape and will be applying more to it later. This was an old camp trick that I learned. One is always ready with duct tape at hand…the cure all for anything broken, ripped, torn. 🙂
  4. Coca Cola
    I get a treat each day for lunch from the nearby “calmado” (tiny store). These 1/2 liter cokes in a glass bottle have real sugar in them and only cost $25 RD (about  $0.65 US).

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