A Day of Throwing Eggs & Flour

So apparently today (November 30) is a tradition here in the D.R. where youth (younger and older) take to the streets armed with water balloons, eggs, and flour for some lighthearted (mostly) fun. They will throw these at each other usually, but it’s also a tradition to throw these at passing cars, unless the driver tosses out a RD $5 peso coin.  So far, I haven’t been attacked and I haven’t had to throw out any money, but I stopped by the colmado (small street store) and got some change just in case.

The tradition, it is told, is to honor an old baker back in Spain who in protest to one of the old kings took some water and flour (and possibly eggs) and threw them at the king to illustrate his opposition to the king’s ruling ways.  It’s yet another excuse, I think, to use to skip school.

There seems to be all kinds of traditions here that to us seem pretty silly. I’m sure we have our own silly traditions as well back in the States, but this one takes the cake (pun intended).

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