Build a Bright Future for Our Piedras Vivas Youth

A math equation that goes a LONG way.

Introducing the Bright Future Campaign

In November of last year, after witnessing the incredible need for organized and structured activities to get the local kids off the streets around where we live, we decided to launch a youth outreach program, which are calling Piedras Vivas (Living Stones, taken from 1 Peter 2:4-5).  Since then, we have been running a program two days a week in our garage port (one for the older and another for the younger kids). In early February, we increased the number of times of our club to now four days a week.  

The club has already made a big impact on some of the participating youth. We now see even greater potential to make a lasting impact on them through the key focal points of the ministry (see below).   BUT, to make it work out and be effective, we need YOU…more specifically, we need your commitment to support us 1) through consistent and continual prayers and 2) through financial contributions to help us afford the resources for club space and activities.

Your Prayers + Your Financial Support = BRIGHT FUTURES for the Piedras Vivas Youth

How do your prayers and financial support help?  

praying-hands-retro-200PRAY: First and above all, we always want our program to be directed by the Lord, and be under the influence of His authoritative will. That’s why your prayers are essential. We want you to pray fervently, not just for the resources to be available and not just to direct us as the leaders, but we would love for you to pray specifically for each of the youth involved…for their hearts to be open to continually hear the voice of the Almighty beckoning them to come closer to Him. Email us your prayers.

Money-200CONTRIBUTE: It does not take much money to make a difference. But it does take consistent donations to offer consistent opportunities that make a difference.  Not only do we want to provide simple and fun activities to keep the youth interested, we also want to employ local Dominican and Haitian adults as ministry mentors and counselors who have an interest in building upon the lives of the youth.  To us, engaging local adults empowers them to take care of their own community…paying it forward by investing their time, talents, and Biblically-minded influence on the youth. Make a monthly financial commitment.

The key elements of our Piedras Vivas Youth Club

Every day we read God's Word and discuss His love for the kids.

Biblical Foundation

Above all our desire is to wet the children’s appetite for God’s Word. Every club we spend time reading His Word and discussing how they can apply what they’ve read to their lives.

Supervision and guidance from strong Christian adults.Christian Supervision & Discipleship

Supervision and guidance from strong Christian adults are vital in showing that there are adults who desire to see them grow and flourish, especially in their relationships with the Lord.

A safe place to playSafe Place to Play

The kids love coming to our house because it’s safe and there are fun things to do. But we’ve outgrown our garage. So we are currently looking to secure a space nearby to use as a youth ministry outreach center.

Relationships and time in God's Word over time will have a lasting impression on the lives of the kids.Time

Over time the relationships and days spent in God’s Word will have a lasting impression on the kids lives. Our prayer is that the Lord will use this as an opportunity to raise up the next generation of solid, Christian leaders for their community and provide each student with a brighter future.

Biblical Truth + Guidance by Caring Adults + A Safe Place to Play + Time = BRIGHT FUTURES

What do you say?  Join us in making a difference in the lives of our Piedras Vivas youth.

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