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Prayer and Support Card

Here is our prayer and support card. We’d greatly appreciate it if you’d print this off and hang/post it somewhere that you often look. By the coffee pot, on your fridge, in your Bible or journal, on your desk at work or in your car. And each time you see it, please offer up a prayer – for us, for the people in the D.R. and Haiti we will be serving, for your involvement in what we’re doing, for our family and for all of us to be filled with His spirit to overflowing abundance. If you’d like to support us as well, please visit our donate page and use our account number – 4127.

Video – Sharing Our Vision

This is the video taken on Sunday, November 7th, 2010 when we shared our mission and ministry vision at our home/sending church – Calvary Chapel Chattanooga. We were the first in a series of seven consecutive weeks called Missions Month where various families at CalvaryChatt shared about their decision to pursue full time missions internationally. After our brief presentation, our missions pastor, Erik Dine, taught on the Great Commission (Matthew 28:19-20) and the aspect that all followers of Christ are called to obey and respond, but in different ways. May this be an encouraging message for you.

Photo Shoot

We are just about to send out our first e-newsletters and before we do so we wanted to get a few new family photos to use for them.  We were blessed to have Rich Smith (, a friend of ours from Calvary Chapel and a professional photographer, take some for us to use and I thought we’d share. The cool part is that he did these for us FOR FREE. In his words…”You all are selling everything you own to go someplace and help people. The least I can do is to give you guys some photos.” Thanks Rich. Please be sure to consider Rich for any event or special occasion that you need a photographer. The photos…click each photo to see a larger version. Be on the lookout for our June newsletters coming VERY soon!

Reality Sets In

Well it has set in. When you see your photo and names listed on the missions agency website, then you know you are fully committed.  Both of our families are now listed on the missionaries list at, the web home of Shepherd’s Staff Mission Facilitators, our support agency, and they have announced us officially on their page on Facebook.  It’s exciting for sure, but it also brings a level of seriousness and accountability. While we expected this, it still feels like we’ve been doused in the face with cold water.  Things are now going to be different.  Before, it has been lots of prayer and talk. Now, it’s time for action, and the action will need to come not just from our two families as we prepare ourselves for the field. It will also have to be the action of others who wish to walk aside us in prayerful […]

Not to Us Be the Glory

“Not to us, O Lord, not to us, But to Your Name give the glory Because of Your loving kindness, because of Your truth, Why should the nations say, ‘Where now is their God?’ But our God is in the heavens; He does whatever He pleases.” ~ Psalm 115:1-3 (NASB) The verse is fitting as we submit our lives to His divine will for His glory.  We have sent off our applications to Shepherd’s Staff Missions Facilitators and now we prayerfully wait for the Lord to set in motion the next steps of our pre-mission field preparation. As we humbly wait for final confirmation and acceptance from the agency with whom we hope to partner with regarding some of our on-the-field logistics (support and ministry accounts, tax, insurance etc.), we turn our eyes upon our Lord in full humility knowing that He’s in control. It’s an exciting time of course. […]

Now that the word has gotten out about us going on the mission field, people have been asking us about our timeline. Well…we are just about to send off our applications to the missions facilitation agency we hope to work with/through called Shepherd’s Staff. Similar to traditional “missions sending boards” Shepherd’s Staff helps with the logistics and training of missionaries, including offering cross cultural training, insurance plans, tax assistance and financial support management assistance. Unlike the other organizations, though, they fully believe in supporting the local church’s effort at sending out the missionaries, and so they do no step in and try to develop a set ministry for their missionaries. They believe that should come directly from the pastoral leaders and missionaries as they see fit by the leading of the Holy Spirit.  This is above and beyond the reason we chose Shepherd’s Staff, after talking with many many agencies […]

Becoming a First Responder

The term “first responder” makes me think of those undergoing a Wilderness First Responder (WFR) training. Those who undergo this course are trained to be a certified outdoor medical provider when leading outdoor adventure trips.  The training and information learned from this course is very challenging and intense mainly because the trainers want their participants to be fully prepared when faced  with potential medical challenges on the field, which quite literally could mean thousands of miles away from the nearest medical facility. Well, likewise, we at Respond are also in training to become a first responder. But we’re undergoing our SFR – Spiritual First Responder certification. Really, all Christians are called to participate in this course, as outlined in James 1:19-21 (NIV translation below). 19 My dear brothers, take note of this: Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry, 20 for man’s anger […]

Check out this video about initial steps that Calvary Chapel (the overall movement) is taking to respond to the ongoing struggles in Haiti.  We are praying that our future ministry in the D.R. will have an outstretched hand in some of this, especially with our connection to Haiti already. Calvary Chapel’s Response to Haiti earthquake from Tim Wylie on Vimeo. To learn more about their initiative, please visit

My Day Without Shoes

So today I am participating in Toms Shoes One Day Without Shoes initiative to draw attention to the fact that there are so many people (especially children) around the world that have to live their normal lives without the luxury, safety and comfort of wearing shoes.  I know this from first hand experience of seeing children throughout Haiti and the Dominican Republic live amongst the rubble, trash, dirt and sewage without having proper footwear to protect them from cuts, infection and blisters. So today, I joined the legion of people going barefoot.  Below is my “journal” approach to my day.  In light of this, I’ve also donated a few pair of shoes to charity.  You don’t need an initiative to make an impact like this, but I really enjoy creative responses to the challenges of this world and so I encourage you to be creative and respond in a unique […]

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