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Pregnant in the D.R.

  Only a Few Days Now and We’ll be a Family of Six What a pregnancy this has been. I’m writing this from the perspective of a husband and father as my wife isn’t quite up to sitting down at a computer to type out her feelings. What a crazy nine months. Our pregnancy with our fifth child (we lost one during a pregnancy in 2007) has been quite the experience, as our new daughter has been an added blessing and challenge in our transition to our new roles as missionaries, especially for my wife.  I thought I’d share some of the various ways Jenni’s pregnancy has been a bit different this time around. The News First off, we can’t forget Lyla’s (that’s her name) grand entrance into our lives. We found out that we were pregnant only a week and half before we left for the Dominican Republic. I remember […]

As we had our family time in The Word and said prayers tonight, we read about how God supplied manna to the people of Israel and then also how He produced flowing water out of a dry rock after Moses faithfully was obedient to follow His instructions.  God showed how He loved the people of Israel and took care of them, even when they were (at times) so doubtful in what He was doing with them in the wilderness. They went from predictable lifestyles as slaves into a state of freedom, but the freedom came with some changes. Those changes in lifestyle brought out the worldly emotions and fleshly reactions to life’s stresses in so many of the Israelite people. But the Lord was still faithful. He allowed the “wilderness time” to work at their hearts, and then He later blessed them with the promised land. We’re getting much closer […]

When you serve in a foreign nation and everything is new (including the language), it’s not uncommon for others of similar backgrounds to come together. Think of the various communities or “little” villages that emerge in cities across the nation – Little Italy, China Town, etc. Over the past several months, prior to us joining Makarios, we began to establish some communication with others serving in the Dominican Republic that we would hopefully one day develop close ties with once we moved to the D.R. We definitely look forward to those relationships still occurring (Cutts family, Iannone family, Luther family and James family) and having the opportunity to enjoy some time with all of them. But it definitely feels even better knowing that now we enter into an even tighter community of like-minded people who each are involved in the Makarios ministries occurring in the D.R. This past week we […]

Happy Gotcha Day to Addie

As we shared in our story, one of the initial aspects of our call to the mission field  (but we didn’t know it until much later) was through the adoption of our children from Haiti. Adopted children have a special holiday called “Gotcha Day” that pays tribute to the date that they met their forever families for the first time.  January 2, 2007 was the day that Addie became a part of our forever family. We make our Gotcha Day celebrations a personal family day rather than with an all out party.  Usually, it’s marked with eating sweets for a good majority of the day (today, we ate donuts for breakfast and are having ice cream for dinner) and our child gets to choose where they’d like to eat for lunch (Addie chose Moe’s). Getting a little spiritual for a minute, our kids adoption days remind me about the importance […]

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