Wish List

While your prayers and your monthly contributions are the two most important avenues to support us, we also may have some specific physical needs that you can help to fulfill.

Like our prayer requests page, we will update this list periodically that illustrates our current items most needed.  Some of the items on this list can be written off as a tax-deductible gift-in-kind donation. Makarios will send you a receipt without a value that you can file with your taxes.

Level of importance:
*** Needed immediately
** Needed but not as much as the 3-* items
* More of a wish than a need

Our Current Wish List

  • Help us buy this Mitsubishi MonteroUsed 4 Wheel Drive Truck *** (or use our CHIP IN page and donate $ towards one or the chip in widget in the column on the right) – We have quickly grown out of our current little Ford EcoSport SUV we’ve been using here.  With the addition of Lyla, we truly need something a bit bigger, and we have found one (a ’96 Mitsubishi Montero) that another missionary who is leaving the country is willing to sell us. Please consider a gift to help us purchase it so we can use it to better get around to the villages and throughout the country. Total cost: $8,000.
  • Unlocked Blackberry Global Phones  ** The D.R. operates on a GSM network.  We’d love to get two newer, unlocked Blackberry or Android smartphones to use here. Blackberries are still the most popular phone here mainly because people can Blackberry Message anyone else on a BB for free, even overseas. If you’re one of those people upgrading your Blackberry for an iPhone4, please consider donating your phone to us!
  • Skype VoIP Phone **  (Thanks to Pat’s parents for donating one)
  • Furniture, Furnishings & Appliances for Living Stones Apartment(s) ** As we prepare for the first group of discipleship students to arrive we have work to do to prepare their accommodations.
  • Vehicle for Living Stones Discipleship Transportation ** – Once our students arrive we will need a vehicle to get them to their various ministry outreach locations. Our desire is to purchase a decent used 12- to 15-passenger van (which they call “guaguas” here).  Total cost: $18,000.
  • Ink Cartridges** –  We have a HP Photosmart D110 series printer that uses HP 60 Black and Tri-Color cartridges. They are available here but are almost double the amount that they are in the U.S.
  • Favorite Snacks* –  again, while we have the ability to find some of our favorite snack items here, they are usually a bit much. Consider surprising us with a care-package with fun snacks.
  • Good Pens* –  to be blunt, the pens here stink. The ink runs dry very rapidly.

Furlough Visits

We return to the States every year (in 2012, we will be back for three weeks in August). While it is definitely a time for us to visit with family and friends, it’s also our best opportunity to share with others about our ministry and help raise the financial support and resources needed. Please help us identify individuals or groups with whom we can meet while we are on our furlough visits (email).

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